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About Natalie

Natalie Sen N.D. improves health with nutritional excellence, fasting, raw food, and the prevention and treatment of all diseases. The modern day Naturopath faces many more challenges than those of their forefathers. Most of us now live in a "sea" of electromagnetic pollution (EMF), coupled with chemicals, and processed foods (GMO), which were completely alien to us 40 years ago.

So Natalie may choose several different methods in her approach to meeting these challenges, such as raw food, vegetarianism, veganism, correct food combining, super foods, Systemic Enzyme therapy, glyconutrients, juice therapy, water fasting, lifestyle changes, exercise programmes, organ detoxing, heavy metals removal, hydrotherapy (e.g. wheatgrass and probiotic enemas), diet, natural supplements, and parasite, fungus, mould and yeast cleansing. Natalie may also need to address emotional matters and spiritual matters, and in some cases offering counselling support.

Natalie was trained at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, England, and has been practicing and lecturing in Liverpool, London, Spain, Norway and Gibraltar. Natalie carries out consultations in the UK, online via email and on Skype. She has a retreat in the coastal resort of Sotogrande in southern Spain. Bookings can be made through the Contact page.

Natalie also runs a RawRecovery Retreat where you can come and stay and unwind. Whether you want to lose some weight or have a minor condition, Natalie has the experience and expertise to help you on the road to recovery. Whatever your needs, Natalie is passionate about her work and is known for her expertise in the field of helping people back to health.

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“Naturopathy is a system of health care which encourages and promotes the body's self-healing mechanism that is simply profound, and profoundly simple.”

 - Natalie Sen. ND.